I’m Cole Kendrick – designer, creator and high school senior.  I started welding about four years ago with my aunt in her studio at Islais Creek in San Francisco. 

I love heavy metal! Twisted piles of metal from a scrapyard are my thing. 

I create sculpture and functional art primarily from reclaimed material found throughout the Bay Area. Foraging pile after pile, nest after nest of the discarded riches at the scrapyard, my imaginative journey begins.  I continue my treasure hunt visualizing my next creation. Artistic material overflows the yard. 

I love giving new life to cast-offs–old tools, rusty parts and materials others might think of as “just junk.”  I resurrect these discarded items into my main artistic medium. Accounting for gravity, scale and other physical limitations, I explore the dimensions that are possible; unpredictable and surprising creations magically emerge from historically predictable materials. Welding takes imagination, creativity, grit and determination.  

My goal with my art is to make you smile and leave you wondering: “how’d he do that?”